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What is strm?

Strm is a concept project initiated by Santander Consumer Bank in the Nordics which explores social banking.


Strm is a social banking app which enables you to manage your finances with your community of friends and family in a social, easy and effortless manner.

It makes money social and more convenient than ever before.


Strm is also a new way to enable commerce and transactions between forward thinking businesses and individuals, based on biometric technology.

It is more convenient than cash and faster than cards. It’s banking at your fingertips.


In addition to that, strm is also an API and a financial solution which enhances the existing relationships you have with brands and services you care about.

Strm API makes relationship management, planning, purchasing and completing transactions easy on the web, mobile and in the physical world.

How does it work?

At the core, strm represents a completely new way of banking. Typically banking services focus on one relationship - the one between the bank and the customer. Strm changes this where the bank takes a step back and the focus is on the relationships between individuals. This is what we call social banking.


It makes money social.

Strm allows for people to dream, plan, purchase and store experiences in one platform, socially and horizontally.

It is as fast as an instant message, and it allows for social groups (from 2 or more individuals) to dream, plan and manage communal activities and the associated financial aspects.


It is a new way to buy things in real life.

Strm offers a fingerprint authentication based payment terminal, that streamlines the payment process for consumers and businesses alike, bypassing cumbersome cards, cash or CRM systems.


It is a platform.

Strm allows for companies to interact with their customers more direct and 1-1 than any relation management system currently existing.

Companies can create new products and programs which are based on real life benefits instead of point based abstractions, and can even move their customer servicing and upsell models in Strm.

From marketing to dialogue. From CRM to contextual and social benefits. From pushing your destination to pushing your product based on real need. From being marketed to into having real conversations with the brand you like.

What happens next?

What does the future look like?

To see the future and the opportunities, you have to start with the past. This project started with some scribbles on the back of an envelope. And, in a short space of time we have we have gone from idea to developing the concept and building the first prototype of the application and showing it to focus groups.

At Slush 2015 we want to share some thoughts of our vision for a world beyond banking where individuals and their relationships are at the core. And showcase something concrete.

Although we are still at prototype stage—what we are presenting is a “concept car”—we believe that the future is bright for both social banking and Strm.

Strm is designed with people in mind, and will offer a completely new banking experience.

Easy, simple and effortless.

The way banking services should be.


Peter Sjöberg

Nordic CRO, Santander
founder of strm

Jonathan Pycroft

Nordic Director of Change & Innovation, Santander

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The strm team

Strm was created as a joint effort by Santander Consumer Bank and Finnish design agency Nordkapp.